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DIY: Simple Beaded Necklace Tutorial

Sometimes you’re in a bind and need a quick gift for someone. Sometimes you have some beads and some chain. Sometimes that turns into a present and the day is saved! Like in the case of this necklace. I just couldn’t find the perfect gift so I decided to make it.
You can never go wrong with a handmade gift. People will appreciate that you took the time to make it even if they don’t wear it. But, hopefully, you know the person you’re trying to buy a present for well enough that you know they’d love your gift (or at least fake it). So here’s a quick and easy DIY gift that you can put a lot of love and personalization into. 

Easy Beaded Necklace Tutorial

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DIY: Easy Skull Earrings Tutorial

I’m a very bad DIY blogger because I’ve been holding on to these gorgeous skull beads for over a month because…well, life. Anyway, the very nice people over at Auntie’s Beads gave me a $25 gift certificate to go nuts (as if I could ever buy just $25 worth of beads, but it was a nice gesture) and I picked these up along with a few other awesome jewelry making pieces and I knew exactly what I was going to make with them. These DIY skull earrings are super easy to make and you can customize with any kind of beads you’d like, so I thought they might make for a fun tutorial!

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Thursday Tutorials: Easy Summer DIYs

A little disclosure, I work for a little crafting site. I manage the social media for it as well as it’s 13 other sister sites. Well working for a crafting site has its ups and its downs. The ups? I sometimes get some craft supplies for review and I’ve met lots of very cool wonderful people. The downs? I sometimes get some very cool craft supplies for review. Why is this a down you ask? I’ll tell you why. It’s because between work, the Etsy store (and the other smaller Etsy store), and this blog my time is very limited. And I realized at a meeting yesterday when we were asked what crafts we do at home that I’m less of a crafter and more of a craft supply hoarder. What do I make? Not a whole lot. What can I make? Everything!

So I’ve made a new mid-year resolution! Clean up my crafty crap! Now I’ve written some tutorials for this blog before, but I could write them way more often. Now, I’m actually going to try to (key word there is try, remember that).

Luckily, working in the craft industry I’ve come across a lot of cool tutorials and such. I’ve rounded some up for you (and me) today to get inspired and motivated! And most of all, to clear some space in my tiny, tiny apartment that is currently being overrun by fabric and yarn.

Easy Summer Tutorials

I’ve mentioned this before but some of you may not be familiar with my good friends over at CraftFoxes. I’ve written a couple articles for them and they did a little interview with me a while back, but besides being fun and awesome people, the site has a wonderful collection of tutorials.

I love this collection of 10 free swimwear sewing patterns because I’m not great at sewing. In fact, I’m kind of terrible at it, BUT I’ve always wanted to be able to sew my own swim suit. Doesn’t it seem like it could, maybe, possibly, be easy? However, if I fail at making a swim suit, I could always make a pretty summer dress! They’ve got a collection for that too
My all-time favorite place to look for and collect inspiration right now? Pinterest of course. I have a whole board dedicated to making things, but do I ever? No. #notwinning
Here are some that I’ve jumped to the top of my list:
Milk carton vases! I’m currently redecorating the apartment since the roommate moved out and making it a little more girly. He refused to let me have fake flowers, but now that he’s gone…fake flowers galore! And they’re going to be sitting pretty in these super easy vases.
Seriously? These are freaking adorable and super easy. If I haven’t made these macrame bracelets by the end of the month, will you all please yell at me? K thnx.
And last, but not least on my list-of-things-you-should-really-make-this-weekend is an adorable camera strap. This has been on my list for a while because I take a LOT of pictures. This tutorial for DIY custom camera straps is genius because it’s easy and the turn out is super cute. Must. Do. 

Now I’m wondering, do you DIY?

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Thursday Tutorial: Dainty Floral Drop Earrings

Today’s tutorial is completely inspired by my friend Julia over at 2 or 3 Things! She did this super adorable outfit post with a pretty floral headband and inspiration struck! I thought, “Man that looks cute, but I’d probably never wear a whole headband full of flowers.” And then…..

I pulled some little fake buds off the flowers I have sitting on my desk and wrote up this Floral Drop Earrings tutorial. It’s super easy and the earrings are very subtle and dainty if that’s what you’re looking for.

  • 4 headpins
  • 2 ear wires
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Flat nose pliers
  • About 6 inches of chain
  • 2 looped headpins
  • 4 small beads
  • 2 fake flower buds


    1. String one small bead on a flat headpin and bend the headpin 90 degrees a little bit above the bead with your round nose pliers.
    2. Wrap the wire around the thin part of your round nose pliers in the opposite direction of the bend you made to create a loop.
    3. Wrap the rest of the wire around itself until it reaches the bead, then trim off the rest of the wire. Do this with the remaining 3 beads and headpins.
    4. Attach two of the beads to one looped headpin and the other two to the second one.
    5. String one fake flower on each headpin.
    6. Measure out your chain as long as you want it and cut two pieces. I suggest cutting it a little be shorter than you want it because the ear wires will add a little length.
    7. Start making a loop like you did for the beads, but before you start wrapping the extra wire around itself slide one end of your chain onto the loop. Then close off your loop by wrapping the extra wire around the headpin and trimming the excess, just like with the beads. Do this to both earrings.
    8. Open a jump ring string on one end of your chain and an ear wire. Close the jump ring and repeat to the second earring.

    And that’s it! Shouldn’t take you more than an hour to make. Super easy and feminine floral earrings, perfect for Spring and Summer! Of course, if you’d rather buy than make, I popped them into the Etsy store for easy access 😉

    Now, I’m still getting the hang of writing tutorials so please let me know if anything is unclear. I’ll do my best to try and explain anything that sounds confusing.

    Until next time!

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